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SimsHost Chronicle
Number 61, Friday September 19, 2003

Lemon Sims

This week's founder spotlite site is LEMON SIMS !! Maria says, "This is a one girl's site, I'm the only staff" but she's packed full of interior design talent and flair Brazilian style!! LEMON SIMS boasts a mainstream of warm neutral color schemes with lots of wood textures she creates herself for an "easy on the eyes" and the pocketbooks of your Sims themes. We asked Maria to sum up Lemon Sims and here's what she told the SimsHost Newsteam:

Maria (artist, creator, webmistress of Lemon Sims): "I think one characteristic of Lemon Sims is that I try to make real home objects, I mean, things I'd like to have in my own house if I could, and it doesn't really matter if the design is traditional or contemporary. The same with walls. I was at geocities for 6 months before moving to Simshost, and since I've moved I've been making sets, that I couldn't make at geocities because of the space. Now I have more than 80 sets. I get my ideas from decor magazines, design shops, wallpaper amd textile catalogs. I love making paintings (i'm a painter myself - some of the paintings are real), sideboards, bookcases...... everything! I love to see a complete set, with everything matching!"

Don't forget to stop in at Ye Olde Town Inn, a gathering place created by the webmasters and artists of the SimsHosted sites exclusively for SimsHost subscribers. At the Inn you can meet the webmasters and artists, give them ideas in what you would like to see, and make new friends. Check out some of the fun we're having in the Jester's Corner! Join in the fun and start your own games!


Lots of Sims Lots brings the total number of sites on SimsHost to 57 (or more, depending on how you account for the megasites like Killersims and Candace's Sim Bazaar). That's lots of Sims sites and more sites are a-building, but you can still subscribe to SimsHost for only $2.00 a month at the annual rate.

With your one subscription, you support the hosting costs for all these sites and enjoy new additions that continue to surpass all the stand-alone subscription sites combined with your one low-cost subscription to SimsHost! That's why we created SimsHost in June 2002 when we ran out resources to host sites for free on the Moon Sims server, and it's working great!


Make sure your SimsHost account information has your current email address. That's really important if you should ever need to contact us about your account. Just click on the link to Maintain Your Account to access your personal account on our secure server. (We will never share your email address or any other personal information with anybody for any reason.)

One year ago we opened with two dozen founding sites. On that day, SimsHost instantaneously became by far the largest Sims site in the world offering the best value in subscription sites.

Today we host more than fifty fantastic sites for The Sims, the sites are bigger, and the service just keeps getting better! Taken collectively, the SimsHosted sites are still the largest site the The Sims in the world, yet we continue to be able to bring all these sites to you at a subscription cost that's half what you have to pay for the least expensive stand-alone sites.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our subscribers, webmasters, and artists for making it such a wonderful year! We will continue to endeavor to make the next year even better for you!

Now, here are the daily updates!


Sim City Gallery update with more wonderful new faces, three men and three women.



Kimbarlou Sims updates with the Cordova Sports Bear Nursery, matching walls and floors, a set of 18 outdoor driftwood walls and floors sets in many colors and 4 more buyuable babies.

Troll Sims Site updated with nine paintings (Raymond theme) and one bell, all in decor.

Carrot Stuff just added two Hygiene Plus Pet Beds for download. With these beds, you'll never have to bathe your pet again! As your pet slumbers all dirt, debris, dander and urine are magically whisked away leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean every morning!

Sim City Gallery updates today with 5 new women's short nightgowns.



Lemon Sims updates with an urban and deliciously warm Modern Mocha Living Room Set, with tobacco furniture and creamy mocha colours. This is a complete set, with 10 pieces of furniture and 6 wallpaper options.

Sick and tired of your Sim Stars being "sick and tired" on the job? The new Star Trailer at Carrot Stuff will keep your Sim Stars happy! This trailer will green up your Stars fast: Energy - 10, Bladder - 10, Hygiene - 10. Carrot intentionally didn't tweak the comfort level for this trailer so your Sim Stars would still want to visit Spas while in Studio Town. The comfort level is the default level.



Troll Sims Site updated with two more paintings.



Simultaneous Design updates today with four new female casual from the popular collection Baby Phat.

Take a step back with this "Retro Kitchen"at Debby Sims. Your Sims will enjoy cooking up a party feast or having a cozy breakfast in this room.

Huge update for you today from KILLERSIMS! No more roaches nor flies Downtown with the killer sprays, a promotional package for FREE in their new free section, a double tier and double two tier lockers to browse for your favorite bathsuit, costume or ballet dress. You could now award yourself or your pet now with these KILLERSIMS awards, they are very detailed replicas of the original awards celebrities get during the well known events. Find a set of posters of Studio Town celebrities, Marylin Monroe, Andy Warhol and Christina Aquilera posed for your bedroom wall. Pre-smoked curtains are now available in the curtains department store. You will find a new breeding of bunnies at the pet shop. Also, the Antique Terrestrial Globe which let's you get a rest and come back relaxed. A Studio Town Controller will let you build and modify Studio Lots while you are there. Brew the potion you need with this amazing chemistry set. Downtown new cars of the Vroom edition available in the Cars Showroom now. KILLERSIMS has extended their assortment of Sedans, the best
selling car in the Showroom.



Sim City Gallery, a day of rememberance of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center
attacks. A small update today, another set of the popular patio planters has been released to Outdoors & Plants section.

Sunny Side Sims updates today with some new skins, walls and floors. Be sure to also check out the the freebie section which has been updated with a lot of goodies for you to enjoy.



Tom's Sims Stuff updates today with 5 chairs and 3 tables that are semi-transparent, transparent enough that you can still see them, but there still opaque enough that they seem almost invisible.

New to Misc Walls of Sim City Gallery is the Persian Collection for your upscale shops and restaurants. Soft, rich and spicy Persian carpeting is complimented by textured walls with dark wood moldings.



Lemon Sims updates with a creamy and sweet Vanilla Bathroom Set, with touches of lavender! This is a complete set, with 9 pieces of furniture and 8 wallpaper options. Our congratulations to Lemon Sims for receiving the Roseworthy Sims Award for excellence in object design!

Simultaneous Design updated with five requests for some classic movie stars on the Red Carpet. Ann Miller, Ginger Rogers, Jane Russell, Joan Fontaine and Rita Hayworth.



Debby Sims updates with beautiful 20th Century Vintage Clothing (1900-1990). Here you will find styles of clothing worn by women in the 20th Century.

Sim City Gallery adds 4 new women's faces.



Debby Sims updates with more beautiful 20th Century Vintage Clothing.

Carrot Stuff has tweaked the Star trailer so now Hunger and Fun are greened up as well as Energy, Hygiene and Bladder.



Simultaneous Design updates today with six new girls.

Troll Sims Site has updated with some jigsaw puzzles out of six of the pictures, two of them are in the freebies section.

Lots of Sims Lots updates with the House of Harts for Lot 4 and L'hotel de Creepiness for Lot 43.



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The SimsHost Chronicle Team

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